October 25, 2014
2:19 am
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Entertainment News For Friday!

       Sharon Osbourne has apologized for telling the women of The View to go eff themselves. Sharon cursed out her rival talk-show hosts earlier this week on the Arsenio Hall Show. But on yesterday's The Talk, Ozzy's wife showed remorse, saying, "I'm not well ... I'm really just a loose cannon." She issued individual apologies to each of the women and said, "Unfortunately I was inappropriate and I was trying to be funny at somebody else's expense."

      Kim Kardashian is not a member of the Illuminati. The controversy started after Kim wished her pal Brittny Gastineau a happy birthday on Instagram. Kim attached a collage of photos featuring pictures of the two women together -- and within in the photo was a triangle and an eye image commonly associated with the secret society that some believe controls the world. So, putting two and two together, conspiracy theorists now believe the reality star is part of the shadowy group. Kim responded on Instagram, saying, "What is the illuminate? A religion?… I’m a Christian. A cult? … not into that sorry!"

      Paula Deen has lost much of her cooking empire this year, but she's not losing her husband. Despite the National Enquirer saying the celebrity chef kicked out her hubby Michael Groover for having a mistress, a source tells Us Magazine, "This story is absolutely not true. They have never been closer. Michael adores her and Paula adores him. They are completely fine." The tabloid claimed that Michael had been seeing a "sexy middle-age brunette" who has known the family for years.

      As promised, Matt Lauer and Al Roker got prostate exams during yesterdays Today show. Fortunately, viewers were spared the visuals, as the duo went behind closed doors for the procedure. In fact, Matt's rectal exam took only 34 seconds to complete, and he said it "didn't hurt at all." Dr. David Samadi, who performed the exam, joked, "What he doesn't know is that I had to lose five pounds in order to make my finger a little smaller." In the end, Matt and Al's prostates both checked out fine.

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