November 23, 2014
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Stupid News for 11/26/13

     Life isn't a gas for one Kentucky woman who just lost her job because she talked a thug out of robbing the gas station where she was working as a clerk. Betty Green was behind the counter at the Speedway station when the man walked in, grabbed a six pack of beer and handed her a note reading, "I don't want anyone to get hurt. Take your money in the drawer, put it in a bag and give it to me" – before lifting his shirt to show he was packing a gun. Betty brushed aside worries about getting injured and said "no" - at which point he took the beer, which he'd paid for, and left without a word. Rather than treat her as a hero, her bosses fired her on the spot – for not following company policy of handing over cash and pressing a panic button. Company officials declined comment on the decision.

      A Connecticut man proved he was a butt head in more ways than one when he fought off cops sent to arrest him - so that he could finish the cigarette he was sucking down. Officers were sent to subdue the man after he began acting drunk and disorderly outside a bar. When ordered to drop to his knees to be handcuffed, the man resisted, pulling away in order to have another pull on his smoke. When he began getting physical in his resistance, cops said they had no choice but to use a taser on him -since he reportedly had a history of violence. He was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

      A Florida man is feeling some legal heat after trying to rob a fast food restaurant - by hiding in its freezer until employees showed up for work to open the place up. Employees at the Checkers burger joint heard a commotion about an hour after opening the location, then saw Michael Demore throw a paving stone through a window separating the freezer from the inside of the eatery. A Miami police spokesman says that Demore had been inside the freezer for more than an hour with ice falling on top of him - calling the incident "quite bizarre." Demore told cops he was being chased because he owed someone $2,500 for drugs, and ran to the freezer to hide from his pursuer.
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