August 20, 2014
1:17 am
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Entertainment News For Wednesday!

   Joan Rivers has defended Alec Baldwin's recent homophobic tirade with — what else? — a slur-laced tirade of her own. In a video taken by TMZ, Joan said that "everybody's something so why don't we all calm down" after listing epithets against Italians, blacks, Jews, Chinese, gays and the Irish. She added, "Be thankful that we're all living in America, and stop, everybody, being so damn uptight." MSNBC cancelled Alec's show on the network Tuesday following his recent politically incorrect run-ins with the paparazzi.

      Jennifer Love Hewitt gave birth to a baby girl today yesterday. But wait! There's more. She also quietly married the baby's father, Brian Hallisay. It was immediately known when the two tied the knot. They announced in June that they were expecting and engaged.   Jennifer and Brian began dating in 2012 when they reconnected on the set of the Lifetime show The Client List. They had appeared together on the NBC series Love Bites.

     Paris Jackson still remains at a Utah boarding school, where she was sent following her suicide attempt earlier this year, and according to sources she might be calling the place home "for a long time, very possibly 'years.'"  The source says she is doing better, but is "riddled" with so many problems that it will take years before she's ready to re-join her family.  In fact, she won't even be allowed home for the holidays. Sources say Paris may get to leave for a few days in January, though, and that her grandmother Katherine Jackson is re-doing her room for the homecoming.

      Those pesky rumors that O.J. Simpson is Khloe Kardashian's father won't go away. Now O.J.'s manager, Norman Pardo, is reportedly claiming the disgraced football star could be her dad.  O.J. used to be good friends with Kris Jenner and her then-husband Robert Kardashian. Pardo explains, "They all took their vacations together. There was a lot of partying going on back then. Kris cheated on Robert - she was known for having a good time." Pardo also claims that if O.J. is freed from prison, he plans to reveal more details about his relationship with the reality star family
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