September 16, 2014
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Stupid News for 12/2/13

  Guess they leave when the Fat Lady sings ... A McDonald's in Sydney, Australia, was sick and tired of kids hanging out in the restaurant all night - so they started blasting opera music to encourage the loiterers to leave. The plan seems to be a success. "We play a range of classical and opera music and so far it seems to be working," manager Matthew Watson said. "We've noticed a reduction in the number of young people hanging around, but we'll have to reassess it properly in a couple of weeks."

      A British burglar saw his planned heist go down the toilet after he tried to bust into a home through the bathroom window - but got stuck and had have his victim call cops to come and rescue him. The clumsy crook tried to shimmy in through the washroom window but only managed to get in halfway before discovering he couldn't move in either direction. He dangled there for more than an hour until the homeowner got up to go to the bathroom and discovered him in the compromising position. Cops arrived on the scene and freed the man - before taking that freedom away with a trip to the local jail.

      A Florida woman was taken into custody after she had a fight with her boyfriend over her plan to take part in take your daughter to work day - by bringing her one-year-old along as she hit the streets to work as a prostitute. Alisia Alvarez, who is currently between jobs, was planning to try to hustle up some extra cash by hustling on the street one afternoon last week. Braulio Cano, who shares a residence with Alvarez, didn't object to her employment idea, but didn't want her taking the infant along,  which led to an argument that escalated after she stormed out and tried to grab the kid through an open window. Alvarez slapped and scratched Cano, leading him to call cops, who hauled her off - leaving the child in his custody.

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