November 22, 2014
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Stupid News for 12/4/13

      A Florida man really put his foot in it when he tried to raise some extra cash through an eBay listing claiming to sell toenails clipped directly from Jesus Christ. The seller, who did not offer a full name, says that he was moved to check out the artifacts while on a trip to the Czech Republic, where he was approached by an elderly psychic with "moles on the side of her face with hairs sticking out of them, which indicated she was very, very old." He didn't reveal his original purchase price for the clippings, but thought he was a shoe-in for big bucks - which haven't materialized, since the highest bid he received was 99 cents.

     A Florida woman called cops because she couldn't stomach the actions of her boyfriend, who tossed his cookies all over the bedroom, then tossed a pizza in her face! Frank Sepulveda allegedly came home drunk and started vomiting on the bed of his gal pal, whose name was not released. Instead of grabbing the Pepto, she decided to go for the pepperoni and made him a fresh, hot pie, which ticked him off for some reason ... perhaps a lack of anchovies. When the woman took the pizza out of the oven, Sepulveda picked it up and threw the still-steaming treat at her, prompting her to call 911 for help. Cops responded quickly and arrested Sepulveda, who denied committing any violent acts.

      An Indiana woman couldn't stand the heat from an argument with her boyfriend, so she got into the kitchen - to grab a knife and a saucepan that she used to trash his ride. Nadrica Sanders was so furious with her guy that she took a 16-inch kitchen knife and slashed the tires of his Dodge Charger, then cut the lines to his turn signals for good measure before going back for dessert - smashed windows courtesy of her cast iron saucepan. The man says he tried to walk away, but Sanders followed him, waving the knife and opening up a big gash on his hand. Allen County prosecutors charged Sanders with one felony count of criminal recklessness for endangering her boyfriend.

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