October 26, 2014
4:46 am
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Stupid News for 12/6/13

      Two guys from California took beer stealing to new heights by trying to escape police by scaling down the side of a high-rise hotel. According to cops in Orange County, Gabriel Sauceda and Chad Walker stole four cases of beer from a gas station convenience store. Apparently they first took two cases, then came back an hour later to steal two more. After the second beer theft the clerk followed the men and saw them go into the Embassy Suites Hotel in Santa Ana. He called police, who busted the beer bandits as they tried to scale down the side of the hotel ... from their 10th floor room.

      A Florida man was arrested after police said he left his infant son in the car - while he went shopping at Best Buy on Thanksgiving. Haider Darwash was charged with felony child neglect after off-duty cop Edy Rivera saw the two-month-old asleep in his car seat at around 5:30 p.m. Thanksgiving Day. Rivera went into Best Buy to locate the car's owner, but had no luck - so he smashed the window of the locked car to get the baby out.  Not long after, Darwash came forward and identified himself as the boy's father. He told the officer that he thought his son was with his wife - who as located at another store in the shopping center. Darwash was taken to jail, and released on bond. The baby was uninjured.

      A Welsh man probably ended up the butt of a lot of jokes among his local emergency responders after he called them for help when he got a toilet paper holder stuck in his rear end. The man used his cell phone to call the British equivalent of 911 from a public restroom when he got himself wedged on the dispenser so securely that he couldn't move. When he couldn't stall any longer, he phoned the fire department, who arrived a few minutes later to free him. According to the official report, the man was given "suitable advice" about his behavior and sent home.
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