November 24, 2014
2:01 am
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Entertainment News For Tuesday!

      Adam Sandler is a long way from his days as a box office powerhouse, but that's not stopping studio execs from throwing money at the funnyman. With bombs like Jack & Jill and That's My Boy, Sandler tops Forbes' "Most Overpaid Actors" list of 2013. According to the magazine, Sandler earns $15 million per movie but delivers only $3.40 for every $1 paid. Close behind is Katherine Heigl, who returns only $3.50 for every dollar paid. Rounding out the Top 5 are Reese Witherspoon, Nicolas Cage and Kevin James. Jennifer Aniston came in at number-eight.
     Former reality TV star Tila Tequila is either desperate to get back in the spotlight or she's lost her mind.  For some reason she's been defending Adolf Hitler on her Facebook page and has posted photos of herself with a Nazi swastika arm band. She even wrote a blog post titled "Why I Sympathize With Hitler Part 1: True History Unveiled." And if that isn't enough, she claims she knows who killed Elisa Lam, the 21-year-old woman who was found dead in the water tank of an L.A. hotel in February, and that it was a ritualistic murder like Paul Walker's.

     Lamar Odom was sentenced to three years of probation yesterday after pleading no contest to DUI. Khloe Kardashian's husband was arrested in August after driving erratically on a L.A. freeway and showing “objective signs of intoxication.” Lamar refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test at the time of his arrest and automatically had his driver’s license suspended for a year. In addition to probation, he'll be required to complete an alcohol education class and pay $1814 in fees and fines.

      Is Harry Styles trying to tell Kendall Jenner something? The One Direction singer took his new gal-pal to a gay bar on Saturday -- a place where he's supposedly a regular. And that night's theme at the bar? "Gays Gone Wild." Though the other bargoers were dancing up a storm, a source says Harry and Kendall refrained from joining in the fun. The British singer is no stranger to the gay bar, either. An insider explains, "Harry has actually been her a few times before. He's just a regular customer when he comes in."

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