December 18, 2014
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Stupid News for 12/19/13

    An Oklahoma man became disoriented after a long walk through the woods and fell into an icy pond, but he didn't fret - he took off his clothes and climbed into his guitar case to try to keep warm. Zackery Aders embarked on his trek because he wanted to see a woman who lived more than 20 miles away, and he was without a car. He tried to walk across the ice on a frozen body of water, but fell through and had to crawl to the shore, where he was found 12 hours later by a nearby homeowner who heard his cries for help. Aders, who admitted that he was "coming down" from an unspecified drug, stripped down to his boxer shorts and crawled into the guitar case for shelter from the 10-degree weather. His rescuer said, "He kind of more or less admitted that he was coming down, and spending the night in the cold woods, I guess, will bring you down pretty hard."

     A Michigan woman saved a wanna-be home invasion robber from getting booked - By getting out the Good Book and using prayer to get him to leave without completing the crime. The woman was awakened by an intruder in the wee hours of the morning, but rather than dial 911, she used a hot line to the man upstairs - telling the thug, "God loves you. You don’t want to do this." The message evidently hit home, because the man turned on his heel and climbed out a basement window without harming the homeowner or stealing anything. Police are still looking for the suspect, but don’t have many clues other than footprints that were left outside the home.

     Cops were called to a home in South Carolina after three women tried to deck each other in a fight over decking the halls. The tinsel terror started when one of the women came home from work to find that the other two had decorated the family Christmas tree while she was out - and she wasn't thrilled with the results. According to the police report, Joyce Belcher, Patricia Wright and Kimberly Tucker started screaming at each other, alerting a male family member to come in and defuse the situation - which he couldn't do, and ended up calling cops. None of the women opted to press charges, so the officers left the scene, but not before summoning paramedics to attend to the eldest of the bunch, who was complaining of chest pains.
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