November 27, 2014
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Stupid News for 12/20/13

     A woman in Texas has been arrested after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend with a screwdriver - for not making her breakfast. According to police, Rosie Mae Strait woke up expecting to smell bacon and eggs. When there was nothing there, she got a little upset - and stabbed Ishmail Swain twice in the arm with a screwdriver. EMTs treated Swain for stab wounds to the right forearm and right wrist. There was also a scratch on the left side of his nose, according to police. Strait was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon causing serious bodily injury. She was also wanted on two outstanding warrants.

      Being named "Employee of the Month" is kind of a big deal at one Florida Walmart. The employee gets a huge sense of pride, bragging rights, and, well, not much else. What he or she doesn't get is protection from jealous co-workers who think they should have that sense of pride and bragging rights. Cops say Willie Mitchell was apparently so enraged that his co-worker was named "Employee of the Month" instead of him, that he went out into the parking lot, grabbed his gun and shot up her SUV - thus guaranteeing him jail time and little chance at ever winning "Employee of the Month." In fact, he's already been terminated from his job in what has to be one of the most-obvious firings in Walmart history.

      A Florida man tried to cut a deal that came back to bite him when he walked into a convenience store and tried to buy a 12-pack of beer - using a live alligator as payment. Fernando Aguilera trapped the four-foot gator in a park not far from the Miami market and thought he could get a few tall cold ones in return, but the clerk wasn't biting - and called authorities to report the offer. A Florida Wildlife Commission official arrived a short time later to cite Aguilera for illegally catching and possessing the wild animal, then seized it and released it into the wild. Officer Jorge Pino said the incident was "absolutely bizarre. It makes no sense to me at all."

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