December 26, 2014
8:53 pm
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Stupid News for 1/7/14

     A British man spotted driving more than 60 mph with his hands folded behind his head was spared jail but banned from driving for a year. Richard Newton told the court he was only "having a stretch" when a police camera recorded him driving more than 60 mph with his hands behind his head and his knees controlling the steering wheel. Newton said he knew his method was "not the way you pass your driving test" but he said other motorists were not in danger during his "stretch." Prosecutors said the camera recorded Newton driving hands-free for at least 30 seconds. Newtown was found guilty of dangerous driving, but he was spared a possible jail sentence. He was sentenced to 12 months of probation and 100 hours of community service. He was also banned from driving for one year.

      An Indian boy allegedly threw boiling water on a teen girl's face because she unfriended him on Facebook. After coming to the girl’s house last week under the guise that he was searching for his identity card, left behind during a tutoring session, the teen allegedly shoved the girl’s mother out of the way and dumped hot water on the girl's face. Following the incident, the 15-year-old girl was treated for burns across 20 percent of her face. After being hospitalized for treatment, her condition was stabilized and she is expected to recover. The alleged assailant is an undergraduate student at a government college, and police are still on the lookout for him.

      Police in Florida said a man who posed as a police officer to get free food at IHOP claimed to be a Green Beret and threatened the president during his arrest. Orlando police said Matt Skytta was at an IHOP restaurant in Orlando when a manager identified him as a man who had previously ordered food without any money to pay. A server asked if Skytta had any money to pay for the food he ordered, and the man allegedly responded, "No, but I am a cop, and I get food for free." Skytta flashed an Orlando Police Department insignia patch, but the server told him police do not eat free at the restaurant. Skytta allegedly threatened to physically harm the employee and mooned the worker and other IHOP customers during the exchange. The suspect was still sitting in the booth when police arrived and placed him under arrest.

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