December 19, 2014
6:10 am
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Stupid News for 1/9/14

      A Canadian woman found an unusual souvenir after returning from a vacation in South Africa -- a black scorpion that must have hitched a ride in her suitcase. Theresa Arnott of Manitoba had returned home from a Christmas vacation visiting family in South Africa and was doing some housework Monday when she moved a wastebasket in her bathroom and found a small black scorpion hiding out. She says,  "At first I couldn't quite believe it, then I realized the little critter must have snuck into my suitcase."  She's since named him Harold, after Herolds Bay, South Africa, where she was staying.

      Police in Oregon said they arrested a couple accused of attempting to tip their waitress with an envelope of crystal meth. Ryan Bensen and Erica Manley  dined at the Twisted Fish Steakhouse and they paid their bill with a gift card. The couple handed their waitress an envelope marked with a question mark as a tip. The waitress examined the envelope's contents and called police when she determined it could be crystal meth. Bensen and Manley were still at their table when police arrived at the eatery. Officers found searched Manley's purse and discovered 17 ounces of meth, and also found a meth lab at the Holiday Inn Express room where the couple had been staying. Both were arrested.

     Police in Oregon said a woman accused of a theft spree led officers on a brief low-speed chase when in Warrenton contacted police and said a woman had stolen $13 from the eatery's tip jar and attempted to use the case to purchase her meal. The woman was gone by the time police arrived but they soon heard reports of a woman matching the suspect's description stealing from a Fred Meyer store and causing a disturbance at a Rite Aid store. Police said the woman then allegedly fled a Home Depot store in a motorized shopping cart loaded with merchandise. Police caught up to Laurie Ruth Chester while she was riding the low-speed vehicle on U.S. Highway 101. Chester was arrested on two counts of third-degree theft, first-degree theft and disorderly conduct.
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