December 22, 2014
12:03 am
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Stupid News for 1/13/14

      A Florida woman said she was disgusted to find a bird skull in the spinach she and her friends had been eating. Madeline Brogan of Sarasota said she purchased the package of frozen spinach from a grocery store and set aside a strange chunk when she cooked it to serve to her New Year's Eve guests. Brogan said she investigated the chunk while cleaning up the following day, saying,  "I picked it up and started pulling the spinach off it and realized there were two eyeholes, and it was a little skull. I ate that eye, or someone did."  The store said the incident is being investigated.

      Firefighters said an explosion that caused $3,300 in damage to a British home was likely caused by a can of deodorant punctured by a puppy's jaws. Kerry Leech and Mathew Heckler said they rushed to their home recently when they received messages about an explosion at their house and they arrived to discover the house surrounded by firefighters. Firefighters told the couple the fire appears to have started when Zeus, their 6-month-old dog, bit into a can of spray deodorant and left the punctured can next to the gas fireplace. The can ignited when a burner came on. However, the couple said Zeus, along with their two other dogs and three cats, made it out of the home unscathed.

      An Australian man with an excruciating ear ache turned out to have a cockroach more than 3/4 of an inch long in his ear. Hendrik Helmer says he suspected something had crawled into his ear when the severe pain woke him early Wednesday. He hoped it was not a venomous spider. Helmer tried using a vacuum cleaner to pull the creature out and tap water to encourage it to get out on its own. Neither worked. Helmer's roommate drove him to the Royal Darwin Hospital, where a doctor used forceps to clear the insect out and discovered it was a cockroach 2 centimeters long. Helmer said some of his friends have started sleeping with ear plugs or head phones. But he has no plans to change his habits.

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