December 19, 2014
9:25 pm
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Stupid News for 1/14/14

      Police in California said a 17-year-old purse snatching suspect was brought to authorities by his mother when she saw surveillance images of the suspect online. A teenager shoved a 68-year-old woman in a parking lot and fled with two other people in a small, red car. Surveillance images from the crime were released to the public this week and posted on Facebook, where they were seen by the teenager's mother. The mother drove to the boy's father's home in San Jose, where she picked up her son and took him to the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office. Police obtained a "full confession" from the teenager, who allegedly told police he had been high on marijuana at the time of the incident and was trying to get money to purchase more of the drug.

      A Kenyan hospital said it is investigating how a man who was declared dead woke up from his seeming death 20 hours later. Paul Mutora was admitted to a hospital in critical condition with pesticide poisoning as a result of an apparent suicide attempt. Hospital workers said Mutora was declared dead and moved to the morgue, where he set off a panic when he regained consciousness about 20 hours later. Dr. Joseph Mburu, superintendant in charge of the hospital, said an investigation has been opened into how Mutora was incorrectly declared dead. Mburu said Mutora's death-like condition may have been due the drug used by the hospital to treat poisoning victims.

     Authorities in Connecticut said they are searching for a man who crashed a station wagon into a convenience store and stole a single banana.  Police said surveillance video of the incident shows a man repeatedly backing a station wagon into the glass doors of the Citgo Gas Station in Newington until the glass broke. Sgt. Christopher Perry said the man then got out of the car, took a banana from a shelf, peeled it and ate it, adding, "He didn't appear to be in any rush."  The man then drove away  without stealing any other items. Police are investigating the incident and are asking anyone with information about the break-in to contact investigators.

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