August 20, 2014
10:53 am
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Entertainment News For Monday!

    Jennifer Lawrence has helped to raise $50,000 for a Hunger Games crew member who is battling cancer, according to a report. The unnamed crewman was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and when she heard the news, she reportedly rallied the rest of the crew to donate funds to him. A source says, "When Jennifer learned his family was in dire financial need, she asked the cast and film execs for help and raised about $25,000. Then she got the company that produced the film to match that. The crewman and his family were incredibly grateful for Jennifer's help, and they've thanked her over and over again."

      Superhero fans will have to wait until 2016 to see the Man Of Steel sequel Batman Vs. Superman after studio bosses delayed the project. Henry Cavill will reprise his role as the Man of Steel, opposite Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader in the comic book amalgamation, the first time the superheroes will be seen on the big screen together. The movie was slated for a spring 2015 release, but executives at Warner Bros. studios have now decided to push it back until May, 2016 to ensure the movie is the best it can be. An unnamed Peter Pan adaptation, directed by Joe Wright, will be moved into its original slot.

      Former basketball star Dennis Rodman has checked into a rehabilitation clinic to address a drinking problem following his disastrous trip to North Korea. Rodman found himself in the spotlight earlier this month when he made a visit to North Korea to see his friend, dictator Kim Jong-Un. During the trip, Rodman came under fire for making controversial comments about American citizen Kenneth Bae, who is currently imprisoned in the country, and for singing Happy Birthday to Jong-Un in the style of Marilyn Monroe during a public event. The strain of the trip left Rodman in "pretty rough shape" and he has now checked into a rehab facility to deal with alcohol abuse issues, according to his agent.

      Miley Cyrus is struggling with rehearsals for her upcoming world tour after coming down with stomach flu. She  will kick off her Bangerz world tour in Canada on Valentine's Day, but run-throughs for the show have been thrown into jeopardy after the singer came down with a nasty bug. Cyrus has detailed her health battle in a series of posts on, writing, "Up all night to get pukey" before later adding, "I have the worst stomach flu of all time... Regretting all the times I wanted to be grown up as a kid. Someone baby me... everything hurts."  The tour kicks off in Vancouver, Canada.

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