January 27, 2015
2:14 pm
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Stupid News for 2/12/14

    The Newfoundland man who won a Lay's flavor contest by coming up with Maple Moose chips said the company told him the product is being discontinued. Tyler LeFrense, whose Maple Moose flavored potato chips won a Lay's contest, said company officials called him recently to say the flavor is being discontinued due to poor sales. He said, "It was a little bit discouraging, but that's all you can do about it."  LeFrense said the idea originated one day when he was making maple ham and decided to try the same process on moose meat. He won a $50,000 prize for winning the Lay's contest.

      Police in Texas said they responded to a report of a man in a banana costume with an AK-47 at the side of a road and found a man promoting a nearby gun store. Police arrived to find an 18-year-old wearing the costume and directing people to nearby store Golden Triangle Tactical with the assault rifle hanging across his back. Derek Poe, owner of the store, said the man was hired to bring in business as part of the shop's grand opening. The banana man was temporarily detained and cited for violating a city ordinance banning soliciting alongside roadways, police said. They said further charges are possible related to the man's display of the firearm.

      A Florida man who drunkenly called 911 to ask about his tax return pleaded no contest and was sentenced to two days in jail. James Mahoney of St. Petersburg was intoxicated Sunday night and admitted to the 911 dispatcher he was "messed up."  Deputies arrived at Mahoney's location and found him still on the phone with the dispatcher. They asked him why he called 911 and he responded that he wanted to check on his tax return, deputies wrote in the arrest report. Mahoney was arrested on a charge of making a false 911 call. He pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor count Monday morning and was sentenced to two days in jail and a $450 fine.
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