January 28, 2015
9:36 am
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Stupid News for 2/17/14

    Heavy snow in the southeastern United States may have caused inconveniences for many in the region, but Atlanta police say it helped them easily solve a crime. Police responding to a burglar alarm at a seafood business in northwest Atlanta found the impressions of shoe prints and tire tracks in the snow. They followed the tracks about a mile to the home of Kenneth Ray Evans, where they found a generator and air compressor -- and Evans asleep on the sofa. The treads on the wheels of the generator matched the tire tracks in the snow and the footprints in the snow were identical to Evans' shoes, which were still wet.

      A businesswoman in Kenya has opened a condom delivery service because she thinks people are too shy to buy them in person in stores. Faith Ndiwa said the condoms, which sell three for $3.50, are delivered by motorbike in the capital Nairobi to help avoid the city's notorious traffic jams. She said about 4,000 clients, both men and women, have used the service, which employs 15 people. Two limousines decorated with red flowers made special deliveries to couples on Valentine's Day. Free condoms are supposed to be available in public restrooms and at health clinics and hospitals but apparently supplies often run out.

      A posse of firefighters and sheriff's deputies corralled a wayward camel that wandered into traffic in northern Los Angeles County Friday. The camel apparently slipped away from a ranch in Acton, about 50 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, startling passing motorists. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said the beast got aggressive and trapped some people in their vehicles, but no one was injured. The double-humped camel was captured by emergency crews and was last seen in aerial television video footage being perp-walked back to its corral.
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