December 18, 2014
11:31 am
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Stupid News for 2/27/14

      17 year old Tyler Grandy of Forest Hill California was spending time with friends near the edge of a cliff and he lost his footing and fell 250 feet. A friend was able to reach Tyler on his cellphone and he was able to communicate with rescue workers until a CHP helicopter pulled him out Tuesday afternoon. He has a moderate head injury and is expected to recover. His mother, Mary, said,  "I'm grateful that he's resilient and bounces like a ball."

      When Florida police pulled over a teacher's aide for DUI over the weekend, it wasn’t her level of intoxication that was surprising -- it was that she wasn’t wearing pants. Kristi Steuber was pulled over for going 69 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone with a broken headlight. She stumbled and mumbled to police that she’d had a few drinks at a bar. Deputies noticed that Steuber was pantless when they asked her to get out of her car, saying, "We had to inform the defendant she was nude twice before she realized this, and then make two requests for her to put pants on." Steuber eventually located her pants and was taken to the local police station where she failed a sobriety test.

     Lauren Stephens was house sitting for her neighbors when she decided to let her friends cook meth in the home, causing nearly $40,000 in damages. Stephens, a known meth user, had bought chemicals for the batch and let her friends use the house as a meth lab for part of the cook. The particles from the cooked meth seeped into the walls, floors, and plumbing along the first floor, causing $37,000 in damages. The owners are in the process of cleaning and repairing the damage, while Stephens was charged with the felony of "first degree property damage."
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