January 27, 2015
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Stupid News for 3/4/14

     A man dressed in a Barbie costume allegedly attempted to sexually assault a woman in a Big Lots bathroom in San Diego. A woman was going into the stall in a bathroom in Big Lots when a man climbed under the stall door and latched onto the woman. The woman fought back and was able to run out of the bathroom and call for help. The man was approached by security, but he brandished a weapon that looked like a screwdriver. He was reportedly wearing a Barbie costume he stole from the store and no shoes. He ran from the store and a week later, cops arrested Gregory Schwartz, who was taken into custody for the assault.

      Two Texas men  were hospitalized over the weekend after getting in a fight using a Zelda replica sword and flower pot as their weapons of choice. The fight started when Eugene Thompson was at home with his girlfriend. The girlfriend's estranged husband knocked on the door, and the girlfriend let him inside the house. Thompson told the estranged husband to leave and when he didn't, Thompson walked back to his room to retrieve his master sword replica from the Legend of Zelda Nintendo game. The estranged husband reportedly then walked straight into the point of the sword.  Thompson didn't get away unscathed, as he too was injured when he was hit over the head with a flower pot that busted his head open. The two men are in stable condition.

     A japanese man said after he lost his cellphone during a trip to Europe, he returned home to find a cellphone bill of nearly a million yen.  The man said his phone was stolen Dec. 29 while riding the Barcelona, Spain, subway, adding he notified his service provider 15 hours later. His monthly bill came to 994,919 Japanese yen, the overwhelming majority of it run up the day after the loss of the phone. He said his contract states the payment of the charges remain his responsibility, adding,  "I talked to the staff at the cellphone service provider and the police. I was told that if the thief is caught I won't have to pay the fees, but the chance of that happening is pretty slim."
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