March 6, 2015
3:40 am
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Stupid News for 3/12/14

   A competitor at the North American Grappling Association's Grappling Championship had a move in his arsenal that his opponent didn’t see coming -- but he certainly smelt it. During a video that was shot at the event, one man submits in his match after his opponent apparently farts in his face. It’s not exactly clear in the clip, but the victim appears to say, "He farted in my face ... You farted in my face, man." He then vomits on the mat. A YouTube clip of the sneak attack is at just over 20,000 views and counting.

     A Scottish woman said she awoke to a snake crawling on her body. Caroline Griffin said she initially didn't think the 4-foot snake was real when she woke up to find it crawling on her under her blanket. She said,  "At first I thought my kids were playing a trick -- but I got the fright of my life when I saw it move. I began to scream and it immediately bit me on the breast." The snake turned out to be the long-missing pet of neighbor Gareth Niven who said the reptile is a California kingsnake and not venomous. He said,  "I hadn't seen him since he got out of his tank six months ago. He'd never bitten a person before and probably reacted to Caroline screaming."

     An Australian man didn’t get hot under the collar after he was bitten by an eastern brown snake -- he just grabbed a cold one. Rodney Somerville was gardening outside his home when he was bitten on the finger by the deadly snake. He then grabbed his shovel and whacked the snake in the head with it. Figuring that he might die, he decided to have at least one last beer.  He then called an ambulance as well and eventually received the anti-venom. ironically, he had an allergic reaction to the medicine and is still in the hospital after three weeks.

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