March 4, 2015
8:11 am
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Stupid News for 3/17/14

   Police in Florida said they arrested an alleged bad dad accused of soliciting a prostitute while his toddler son was in the car. Patrick Williams had his toddler son in the back seat of his car when he spoke to a woman on Ridgewood Avenue, which is known as a prostitution hot spot in Daytona Beach, and arranged to pay her for sex. However, the woman turned out to be an undercover police officer and Williams was arrested on a solicitation charge. Williams denied agreeing to pay the woman for any sexual acts, saying, "I never solicited in any way. She came over, offered everything. It's a big entrapment. The reality is I thought it was some crazy crackhead. I felt bad for her, prayed for her and drove off." Williams said he plans to fight the charges.

     A New York woman said she was shocked and "grossed out" to discover a lizard head in the kale salad she had delivered from a restaurant. Robin Sandusky said she ordered a kale salad from Guy & Gallard and she soon discovered there were more greens than the vegetative variety on her fork. She said, "I just grossed out. I thought it was a piece of asparagus, but then I saw the eye." Sandusky said she declined the restaurant's offer of a replacement salad and took a refund instead. A store manager confirmed Sandusky was issued a refund, but he said he could not confirm whether there was a lizard head in the salad, adding,  "She told me, but I didn't check it. When the salad came back, I wasn't here." The company is investigating the incident.

      A Kentucky pastor is apologizing after his assistant dressed up in blackface to portray Mr. T during a skit at the National Young Fundamentalists Conference last week. Pastor Jeff Fugate of Clays Mill Road Baptist Church felt the need to clear the air after his helper, Joseph Pickens, wore black makeup during a boxing match skit in which he faced off against someone dressed up as Curly of the Three Stooges. Fugate got complaints after Pickens tweeted out a picture of himself as Mr. T. The account that he used to put out the picture has since been deleted. Fugate said, "I wouldn't offend a black person for the world. I sure am sorry. Somebody's trying to say I'm a racist, but that's the last thing I am."

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