February 28, 2015
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Stupid News for 3/18/14

      A California family claims that a pizza shop served them a pie that allegedly was topped with mushrooms that were laced with pot and some family members became so ill that they were taken to the hospital. Grandmother Ava Farley said, "It was a like a rush, sweating, heart beating real fast. My 10-year-old grandson, Clintay Jones, also had an extreme reaction. He started cussing, going off, talking crazy, and ran out the door butt naked."  When they reached the ER, doctors found marijuana in their urine. Two of Farley’s granddaughters ate the pizza, but they removed the mushrooms and didn’t experience any issues. Farley has filed a police report and hired an attorney. The pizza shop was not identified as police are still waiting to begin their investigation.

     Honesty might not always be the best policy. Florida resident Alberto Moreno was pulled over for speeding in Fort Pierce, he told police that he was flying down the road because he was in a rush to kill his buddy. When he was stopped, Moreno smelled like alcohol and his shirt was inside out and backwards. He told police he’d hit the road after drinking six beers at his house. That’s when he reportedly informed officers "that he was on his way to kill his friend for screwing him over earlier that day and that he knew he was speeding and all over the road as well as drunk." Police then asked Moreno to perform field sobriety exercises and he fell out of his truck while trying to comply. After he somehow made it through the sobriety exercises Moreno was arrested on a DUI charge.

      A Spokane couple who were sleeping in a dumpster with their dog got a rude awakening when a garbage truck picked them up and dumped them in back. The truck driver pulled over when he saw a bag of garbage get tossed and heard sounds coming from the rear of his vehicle.After the driver called 911, firefighters found the three occupants in the back of the garbage truck. The man and woman were taken to the hospital and later released with cleans bills of health. The dog is fine as well.

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