March 6, 2015
8:09 am
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Stupid News for 3/26/14

      A Florida man was arrested over the weekend when he scared a 6-year-old girl after emerging from a stall in a Walgreens bathroom wearing nothing but his birthday suit. Christopher Mahurin and Jenna Lynn Frey were having sex in the women’s restroom at the drug store when a 6-year-old girl walked in to the use the facilities. While she was in the bathroom, Mahurin burst out of the stall completely naked and frightened her. When she began screaming, he pushed her toward the door,. The girl’s father was outside of the bathroom and went in to grab her. Mahurin and Frey were in the parking lot when police arrived on the scene. Frey initially told the police that she was just using the bathroom, but eventually told officers they had intercourse in the stall.

      When police and fire crews arrived at an Alabama home to rescue a wild creature from a tree, it didn’t turn out to be a cat. During an incident that police called drug-related, Michael Howard climbed a tree at his home early Saturday morning while nude. Long was about 40 feet up in the tree when police officers and firefighters arrived on the scene. Responders stated, "Basically, all he would tell the officers was he was cleaning the tree up and was going to make it his home." After more than an hour of negotiating, Long finally agreed to come down and safely rode to the ground in a bucket truck.

      A Colorado girl who shaved her head to support a friend battling cancer was not allowed into class because her new hairstyle was a violation of the school's dress code policy. They refused to make an exception to the school’s policy for Kamryn Renfro’s shaved head earlier this week. Renfro cut her hair in support of 11-year-old Delaney Clements who is undergoing chemotherapy as part of her battle with neuroblastoma. The academy’s board of directors is meeting on Tuesday to discuss the situation.
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