March 27, 2015
1:25 am
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Stupid News for 3/27/14

    A man who was allegedly attempting to steal panties, towels and other laundry items was arrested and charged with burglary and petit theft after a Florida family was able to trap him in a downstairs bathroom in their home over the weekend. The Gonzalez family was sleeping in their Golden Gate home when a loud noise woke them up. With baseball bats in hand, the family went downstairs to investigate and noticed a bicycle outside with some of their things piled alongside of it.  After looking all over, the family finally realized there was someone hiding in the downstairs bathroom.  Suspect Manual Rodriguez was trapped in the bathroom after all the family members piled against the door so he couldn’t get out. Deputies arrived and arrested him.

      An Arkansas man was arrested and charged with harassing communications after he allegedly called a female bank teller and asked her to spank him. After Drake Parks went into a bank, he allegedly left and placed an inappropriate call to a young woman who had been working while he completed his transaction. According to the victim, a man who identified himself as "Drake Park's father" told her that Drake had informed him she was being a b*#tch that day and that he would give her $50 if she would "punish" Drake for calling her such a bad name. Parks then allegedly got on the phone himself and said he wanted her to "spank him." The victim hung up and called the police after he started to give her an address. Police arrested Parks.

      Authorities in Florida said a spring breaker's father allegedly struck cars with a golf club in a jail parking lot because of his daughter's arrest.  Phillip Tidwell was caught on video using the golf club to damage parked cars, including one marked patrol car, outside the county jail. Tidwell told deputies he smacked the cars because he was frustrated with how long it was taking to get his daughter released from jail. She had been arrested earlier in the day on a charge of possessing an alcoholic beverage. He was arrested Wednesday on a charge of criminal damage to property.

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