March 1, 2015
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Stupid News for 3/28/14

    Police officers in San Mateo set up a successful sting operation to catch a suspected burglar using the phone number he gave out to an employee who worked at the restaurant he is accused of robbing. Prior to allegedly burglarizing Curry Up Now, Keveen Quintanilla gave bartender Ashleigh Cullen his digits in the hope of landing a date. He allegedly came back later that night and was seen stacking a TV and other electronics by the rear door. Cullen recognized Quintanilla because he had flirted with her” 30 minutes before the burglary attempt. Officers then began texting with Quintanilla and set up a date with him. When he showed up, the criminal Casanova was arrested by plainclothes officers.

      In a case strange enough for comics, a man named Christopher Reeves was arrested for possession of meth in Utah while wearing a Superman shirt. Although he may feel like he can leap buildings in a single bound, Reeves is not the Man of Steel. He was pulled over by Davis county police for erratic driving, and was quickly arrested after they found 52 grams of homemade meth and other drug paraphernalia. Reeves also is facing tickets from several traffic incidents and is being held with a $15,000 bail. Reeves has not relation to the late Christopher Reeve, who played the man of steel in the 1978 film.

      Crews in Louisiana had to clean up the mess that was left when an 18-wheeler carrying corn dogs bound for California overturned on the freeway. During the crash, more than half of the 76,800 corn dogs on the truck ended up on the side of the road. The cause of the crash is still under investigation. Luckily the only injuries were those sustained by the Foster Farms corn dogs. According to Foster Farms’ website: "Easy to heat and eat, Foster Farms Corn Dogs are fun-tastic anytime! Plump and juicy hot dogs dipped in honey crunchy batter, they make a great snack or delicious meal the whole family can enjoy."

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