April 1, 2015
4:26 am
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Stupid News for 4/3/14

      A Florida man may have gotten out of going to work after staging a fake burglary at his home, but the place he ended up is probably worse -- jail. The Sheriff's Office received a call from Dwayne Yeager on Monday morning informing them that his house had been broken into. When neighbors provided deputies with information that indicated Yeager was lying, he then confessed to faking the entire thing. Police said, "He stated his wife was adamant that he go to work and he didn't want to."  Yeager was hit with one count of providing false information to law enforcement and released on $500 bail. In addition to his employer likely not being too pleased with the situation, Yeager’s neighbors also weren’t thrilled.

      A Texas elementary school bus driver was allowed to keep her job even after video of her leading a chant mocking a crying girl surfaced. The driver, "Ms. Pat," drives bus No. 67 for Floresville Elementary School of the Floresville Independent School District. In video obtained by KSAT, Ms. Pat can be seen calling a young girl a "crybaby” and then inviting other students to chant, "Ready? Cry, cry, cry!" As the girl can be heard crying, Ms. Pat shouts, "I want my mama." Ms. Pat is still driving her usual route. Ms. Pat has been disciplined, but she was not terminated.

      A Florida woman was arrested last month on the charge of “nuisance injurious to health” after she allegedly defecated in an elevator at a courthouse in Fort Pierce. In footage from the elevator, Patricia Jamison allegedly "appears to pull her pants down and back up toward the interior elevator buttons consistent with someone using the bathroom. When the elevator arrived on the first floor the female was seen on camera fixing her pants and pulling her shirt out of her pants as if she pulled her pants up over her shirt."  After a deputy reviewed security footage and matched it up to a woman who had signed in at the public defender’s office, the 49-year-old was identified and charged with a health safety misdemeanor.
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