March 29, 2015
7:44 am
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Stupid News for 4/4/14

   An Idaho waitress was arrested after she fought with the cops following an alleged altercation with a customer about poor service. Police officers arrived at PHO 79 after the victim was allegedly struck in the face by Truc Huynh following a service complaint. Pho 79 owner Henry Do said, "She hit the customer. I hear boom. I go out and tell her no no no. That's it." When officers suggested they could speak in a more private area of the restaurant, Huynh grabbed a butter knife and stepped back into a fighting stance, verbally challenging the officer. Officers persuaded Huynh to eventually put the knife down and she was taken into custody. After being handcuffed, Huynh continued to resist, kicking an officer twice in the leg. According to Huynh's family, she has five children and is working on being a nail technician.

       Florida police haven’t found it over easy to catch a crook that stole an 80-foot semi-truck and trailer containing 180,000 eggs on Saturday night. The rig was poached from behind a 7-Eleven in Fort Myers while the driver, Joe, was a mile away at his home. Including the value of the 15,000 dozen missing eggs, the truck is worth almost $250,000. The owner of the truck, Jeff Shoff, doesn’t believe the thief knew what was in the rig. Deputies are having a hard-boiled time getting a lead on the egg thief because there are no cameras behind the 7-Eleven.

      Georgia police have arrested a man who they think carried out a series of burglaries in John’s Creek while wearing nothing but a cowboy hat. Ashdon Gibbs was allegedly caught on surveillance video at the home of John's Creek City Councilwoman Cori Davenport this week. Davenport saw Gibbs when she came downstairs after hearing her teenage daughter scream. She called 911 and Gibbs took off, but not before he tried to swipe a motorcycle from the driveway. After leaving the Davenports' house, the suspect reportedly broke into another home, where he listened to some Elvis on a vintage jukebox and watched some TV. When he was arrested, Gibbs was wearing the homeowner's clothes and told police he was a U.S. Marshal.

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