August 30, 2014
6:21 am
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Stupid News for 4/7/14

      Authorities in Pennsylvania were forced to reexamine their policy about accepting coins as payment after one woman had way too much spare change. A woman brought a shoebox stuffed with coins down to the Millcreek Township Municipal Building and paid her $200 sewer bill with nickels, dimes and quarters. It took four township employees about an hour to count the change and roll it up so it could be deposited in a bank. The time-consuming situation was such an issue, the sewer authority passed a resolution on the same day limiting how many coins could be used as payment. The sewer authority will now only accept $10 in unrolled coins or $20 in rolled coins as payment if people choose to use change.

       A South Carolina burglary suspect had to be rescued after being stuck for ten hours in the ventilation shaft at an Arby's restaurant. Laquain Deshawn Guy was charged with second-degree burglary after he got stuck in the ventilation shaft at the Arby’s in Mullins during a failed break-in attempt. He was hoping to gain access to the restaurant by climbing on the roof and then sliding down through the pipe. Guy got stuck on the way down and had to be freed by the Mullins Fire and Rescue crew after an employee heard him crying out for help and alerted authorities. According to police, Guy was dehydrated, suffered some muscle damage and may have broken his arm. Police are still looking for another person of interest who may have been involved with the burglary attempt.

      Michigan police are still searching for a mystery pooper who has been using children’s slides at a popular park as their bathroom for about half a year. The unknown suspect has been defecating on slides at Ypsilanti’s Prospect Park at such a frequent rate that police have installed a hidden camera. The head of the Friends of Prospect Park, council Member Pete Murdock, called the purposeful pooping weird and deliberate, adding, "We most definitely need to get this under control before school recess and park season starts. It’s hard to deal with because it’s so unbelievable to begin with. When somebody called me and told me what happened I said 'What? You gotta be kidding me!'"

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