March 27, 2015
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Stupid News for 4/28/14

   A failed Florida thief left a Chase Bank in Pompano Beach without any money, but he did manage to leave behind his name during an alleged robbery attempt on April 10. FBI agents said that Felipe Cruz entered the bank and gave a note to a female teller, which read  "Give me the 100s 50s 20s now. Do not set the alarm. Hurry!!!" The teller, who was behind bulletproof glass, didn’t hand over any cash and just backed away from the window. Cruz left the bank, but the note remained behind. According to the FBI, the note was written on the back of an online job application form that contained Cruz’s username and password. Police were also able to lift his fingerprints from the note and are now trying to bring him in on attempted bank robbery charges.

       A new app called Peppr was launched in Germany this month to connect potential clients with nearby prostitutes using GPS. Clients log into the app and type in what they want: body type, eye color, personality traits, and the maximum price they are willing to pay. Pia Poppenreiter, the creator of the app, says she wanted to create a tool that prevented sex workers from waiting in the cold to find clients. Poppenreiter says she pre-interviews people who wish to use the app to make sure they are working voluntarily and independently in the business. Unlike many other countries, prostitution is legal in Germany.

       New graduates of the University of South Florida have been warned that taking selfies onstage with President Judy Genshaft or other dignitaries during commencement was prohibited and that it could result in the "withholding of your degree." The school vice president said,  "We want students to think about the dignity of the ceremony. It's supposed to be exciting, but it's a serious academic ceremony. We respectfully request that you refrain from inappropriate behaviors when you are on stage approaching President Judy Genshaft and other dignitaries, including: stepping, marching, strolling and selfies," according to a statement from student affairs. A simple handshake is preferred'

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