April 27, 2015
2:35 am
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Entertainment News For Friday!

     One Direction's security team want to hire lookalikes of the band members. They are being followed by screaming fans everywhere they go on their world tour, so their team want to hire decoys to take the pressure off. A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Having 1D lookalikes on hand would be great for distracting the fans. At the moment it seems to be the only way forward for security and safety on this tour. The band already have an unbelievable amount of bodyguards and protection around them but the risks are getting extreme."

     Chris Brown will spend his 25th birthday behind bars after the judge who sentenced him to jail time almost two months ago ruled he must remain incarcerated for at least another week. Judge James Brandlin jailed the R&B singer in Mach, after Brown was dismissed from a rehab facility, violating the terms of his court-ordered anger-management treatment, related to his assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna. But Brown was back in court yesterday hoping to get the gift of freedom for his upcoming birthday on Monday, but Judge Brandlin told him he would have to remain in jail for at least another week as he deals with ongoing legal woes.

     Gwyneth Paltrow is hoping to raise a small fortune for one of her favourite causes by selling off her old clothes online. She has announced plans for her annual Super-Classy Yard Sale on her lifestyle website Goop.com, and this year, many of her famous friends are helping her make the event a big hit. The high-end sale of cast-off designer items will feature unwanted clothes donated by Kate Hudson, Miranda Kerr and Beyonce.  The big sale is proving to be a huge success - Goop.com crashed on Thursday morning as fans tried to get their hands on the stars' gear.
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