April 27, 2015
5:29 am
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May 2014 Answers

May 30 - On average, it takes 23 seconds to do this... What is it?     Place a phone call

May 28 - Only 10% of people 60 years old (and older) do not have these... What are they?     Gray hairs

May 27 - Nearly 15% of employees say this makes them uncomfortable at work... What is it?     Working for a younger boss

May 23 - The majority of adults remember "This First" - more than their first kiss... What is it?     Their first car

May 21 - Wednesday is the most common day of the week to do this... What is it?     Go on a first date

May 20 - Nearly half of Americans have gone a full week without using this... What is it?     Cash

May 19 - It takes twice as long to accomplish this on Monday, compared to any other day of the week... What is it?     Decided what's for dinner

May 16 - On average, these last three and a half months... What are they?     (Hint: 'young love')   Teen relationships

May 14 - The average married couple do this three times a week... What is it?     Say "I love you"

May 13 - 10% of Americans have left a job for this reason... What is it?     A failed relationship

May 12 - What's the third most common thing found in a glove box?     (Hint: 1. Napkins, 2. Car documents)   Ketchup packets

May 9 - In 35% of homes, you'll find one of these that doesn't work... What is it?     Air freshener

May 7 - 164 million work hours were lost last year because of this problem... What is it?     Dental work

May 6 - If you're a twin, you're 20% more likely to have this trait... What is it?     Being left-handed

May 5 - It takes a man 17 seconds to do this. It takes a woman 15... What is it?     Determine if they like someone

May 2 - Nearly 80% of people say you shouldn't do this on FaceBook... What is it?     (Hint: It has to do with the workplace)   Friend your boss
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