April 28, 2015
1:30 am
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Stupid News for 5/5/15

   An accident involving two impaired drives resulted in both of them being arrested by New York State Police officers for being drunk and high. Malcolm Sidbury called 911 after his car was allegedly side-swiped by Thomas Robbins as he tried to pass him. After the accident, Robbins drove away. When the police eventually found the two men, they realized that Sidbury was under the influence of marijuana. Police also suspected Robbins of being drunk and gave him a breath test. He reportedly had a blood-alcohol content of .25, well over the legal limit.  Both men were ticketed and released.

      Four Iowa middle school students weren’t feeling so sweet after they were arrested for trying to make pot cookies in home economics class. They got in trouble after they made marijuana-spiked cookie dough in their class at Edward Stone Middle School and then attempted to bake with it. Other students who knew about the plan alerted school officials about the laced cookie dough while it was being stored overnight. All four students have been suspended and two have been charged with felony delivery of marijuana, while the other two are facing misdemeanor possession charges.

      Three California teenagers were given an unlikely punishment after they were caught with a classic Flintstones car that they swiped from in front of World’s Best Comics in Sacramento. As punishment, owner Dave Downey agreed to let the thieves dress up as Flintstones characters and work at his store on Free Comic Book Day this Saturday. Downey suggested the creative punishment because Free Comic Book Day is usually the busiest day of the year at his store. He also wanted to help the young offenders avoid the “messiness” of the legal system. Downey says, "They’ll be wearing Flinstone garb. Fred and Wilma and Barney."

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