April 18, 2015
8:23 pm
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Stupid News for 5/15/14

       A North Carolina man who called police to complain that he was the victim of an armed robbery after allegedly being involved in a violent car chase later confessed that he had actually been on the short end of the stick during a "drug deal gone bad." According to police, Dakota Buchanan met with two men, Dakota Bass and Evan Robbins, in a parking lot to try and purchase 40 Dilaudid pills. Instead of being given the narcotics, Buchanan was handed a bottle of BB pellets. The shady sale led to a car chase during which three shots were fired, but no one was injured. Afterwards, Buchanan called police and said that Bass had robbed him of $596 after threatening him with a shotgun. Police recognized Bass as an individual who had recently been arrested for drugs, so they obtained search warrants for his home and vehicle. All three men involved in the incident were eventually arrested.

     A Florida woman was arrested in Fort Pierce, Florida after she allegedly threw underwear at another woman while she was intoxicated and causing a scene. Police responded to a report of a drunken woman creating a disturbance by yelling at passerby while she walked down the street. When they found Michelle Curry, she "smelled of booze and was having "problems standing up straight." She was asked if she had been yelling at people. Curry responded, "I ain't doin' [expletive] wrong [expletive]."  Another woman told police that Curry had yelled at her while she was holding an empty liquor bottle and "threw down a pair of underwear." Curry was arrested for disorderly intoxication, trespassing and resisting arrest without violence.

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