April 28, 2015
4:12 pm
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Entertainment News For Monday!

       A hologram of Michael Jackson performed at the Billboard Music Awards last night. The image of the late singer danced and moonwalked to new track 'Slave to the Rhythm' in a gold jacket, white T-shirt and red trousers alongside a group of dancers. Show director and producer Larry Klein said: "You were watching the magic of Michael Jackson just like you would have when he was performing." Michael's former choreographers were brought in to work on the project and wanted to give fans "classic" Michael. The performance took months of planning, choreography and filming and required developments in technology for it to be able to happen.

      Justin Bieber has reportedly stopped consuming sizzurp. The Bieb, who has been criticized for his bad behavior over the past few months and was accused of getting into a heated argument with fan for trying to take his picture last week, is said to have stopped drinking the controversial cocktail - a mixture of Sprite, Jolly Rancher sweets and medications codeine and promethazine - last month. A source told TMZ that Justin decided to get clean as he has become obsessed with exercise and thought it was hampering his efforts in the gym. The insider also said that Justin has also been spending more time with his manager and mother
      Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be surrounded by guests who have "loved them for a long time" at their wedding next Saturday. Despite the attention surrounding their big day, a source close to Kim said they are keeping their guest list to strictly family and close friends. The insider said: "The wedding is small and intimate. It's not going to be a big blowout like her last one." Kim invited more than 440 people, including Eva Longoria, Ryan Seacrest, Demi Lovato and Lindsay Lohan.  The source explained: "This wedding is really about Kim and Kanye and people who have known and loved them for a long time."
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