May 4, 2015
9:09 pm
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Entertainment News For Wednesday!

    Where are Kim and Kanye getting married? It was reported that they would marry at the Palace of Versailles, but apparently the palace had turned the couple down because they didn't want the media circus that would follow.  The latest news is that the couple will wed at Florence's Forte de Belvedere, and a rep for the Florence mayor's office confirmed that the wedding would be held at the Italian Fort and that the couple paid over $400,000 to rent the venue. Either way, a source says that all of the guests have been told different information, and no one really knows.

      Paris Hilton was the target of rumors claiming she hooked up with Justin Bieber at Cannes this past weekend, but it appears a lame party killed that. E! reported the two were spotted together at Busta Rhymes' birthday party at Gotha Nightclub. She apparently got cozy with a shirtless Bieber while he was seated on a throne. The two then left together to head to Justin's house, which is why all the rumors started. However, it now appears Justin had a party of his own and invited about 50 people, making it impossible for Bieber to be alone with Paris. Plus, TMZ reports Paris thought the house party was incredibly lame because Bieber played his own songs, so she left after being there only half an hour.

     Neil Patrick Harris is letting fans choose the outcome of the story in his upcoming autobiography. Unlike the traditional memoir narrative, Harris is mirroring the popular Choose Your Adventure book series, which allows the reader to decide which path to take at certain junctures in the story. Harris wrote on his website, "Choose correctly and you'll find fame, fortune, and true love. Choose incorrectly and you'll find misery, heartbreak, and a guest stint on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. All this, plus magic tricks, cocktail recipes, embarrassing pictures from your time as a child actor, and even a closing song."  Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography will be released on 14 October.
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