April 27, 2015
5:30 am
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Stupid News for 5/28/14

     A Seattle high school student who allegedly decided to pee on another student's bed during a house party was hospitalized with a possible concussion after he received a head-butt in return. A student from O'Dea High School was hosting a party last Friday night when one of his peers showed up drunk. After he was initially asked to leave, the student was allowed to stay so that he wouldn't drive home while intoxicated. During the party, the drunken student made his way into the host's bedroom and peed the bed. An argument about who would pay for the dry cleaning carried over into the following Monday at school and the host allegedly head-butted the bed-wetter after shoving him into a car. The injured party was transported to the hospital with no memory of the fight, and assault charges may be filed against the alleged head-butter.

     The University of Tennessee has suspended a campus fraternity after students admitted to hazing their pledges by paddling them and pouring hot sauce on their junk. An investigation into the hazing practices of Alpha Phi Alpha turned up a "pair of underwear stained by hot sauce," WATE reported. Some of the hazing incidents resulted in pledges requiring medical attention. Current membership at the UT chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha includes fewer than 10 people and 12 students were pledging the fraternity. Because of the incident, the chapter had its registration revoked until August 2016, and it is no longer regarded as a campus organization. The fraternity's national headquarters has also rejected the prospective pledges, so they went through the hazing rituals with no chance of actually becoming Alpha Phi Alpha brothers.

      A British high school ordered students to return their yearbooks after school officials discovered that a 16-year-old teen had exposed himself in a group photograph. Ribblesdale High School recalled 240 yearbooks, took out the offensive photo and then redistributed the books. The recall hasn't stopped photos of the 16-year-old from circulating on social media. The teen in the picture and two other students who tweeted out the offensive picture have been disciplined. A school rep said,  "The pupil involved now realizes his prank was ill-conceived and deeply regrets it. The issue has been dealt with appropriately and is now closed as far as the school is concerned."

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