May 30, 2015
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June 2014 Answers

June 30 - When this 'freak' thing happens, 80% of the time it happens to men... What is it?     Getting struck by lightning

June 27 - If you can do this in less than 25 minutes, you're luckier than the average American... What is it?     Get to work

June 25 - Nearly 10% of people admit they've done this before, while driving... What is it?     Take a selfie

June 24 - If you're a first born, statistically you'll have better luck at this... What is it?     Online dating

June 23 - The price of this has gone up 55% since 2010... What is it?     Popcorn

June 20 - Roughly 42% of American households have one of these. The passionate have two... What are they?     BBQ grills

June 18 - 10% of Americans go to these on a regular basis. Some people love them because of how much money they can save... What are they?     Garage sales

June 17 - It takes the average man 16 minutes to do this. It takes 14 minutes for the average woman to do it... What is it?     Eat a meal

June 16 - Only 18% of Americans have this unique skill... What is it?     (Hint: It's a verbal skill)     Speaking multiple languages

June 13 - The average household kitchen has 6 of these... What are they?     Magnets

June 11 - Nearly 25% of people are sure this will happen to them, at some point... What is it?     They'll get a divorce

June 10 - 35% of men admit to crying when dealing with this... What is it?     Loss of a job

June 9 - According to a recent survey, 25% of men admitted that they don't know how to use one of these... What is it?     A dishwasher

June 5 - There's a 32% chance that you'll do this while driving today... What is it?      Check someone of the opposite sex out

June 4 - Nearly 40% of Americans have misplaced this item, at least once already this week... What is it?     Their cell phone

June 3 - Adult Americans are 25% less likely to do this now, compared to 15 years ago... What is it?     Eat breakfast

June 2 - Relationship experts warn that women who have one of these are more likely to cheat in their relationship... What is it?     A personal trainer
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