May 22, 2015
3:38 pm
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Stupid News for 6/5/14

     A Florida man was arrested and thrown in the slammer after he allegedly repeatedly called 911 to complain about his wife tossing out his beer. Carlos Bueno was arrested after he allegedly called 911 seven times over the course of four hours to complain about his wife. When West Palm Beach police responded to Bueno Mir's emergency call, he "appeared intoxicated and told them that his wife had thrown out his beer." Officers advised Bueno Mir not to call 911 unless he was truly involved in an emergency situation. He then called 911 again, got in an argument with the operator and "began yelling that a female outside had broken into two of his beers." He was subsequently arrested and booked.

      A Russian court has ruled that a teen who is accused of theft can be treated as an adult based on the size of his genitals. Tomas, who claims to be 13, is accused of stealing a cellphone back in March. Tomas, who is from the Ukraine but came to Moscow to live with his aunt, denies taking the phone. There was apparently some dispute about the boy's age, so a medical examination of Tomas' teeth and genitals was conducted by prison doctors. After the examination, it was concluded that the boy is between 16 and 17 years old and therefore legally viewed as an adult. Based on that decision, the court was able to put Tomas behind bars.
     A Seattle woman apparently upset about being woken up by runners raising money for cancer expressed her frustration by tossing garbage at them from her fifth-floor apartment. The woman threw items including a frozen chicken breast, cans and a trash bag containing 5 to 10 pounds of kitty litter at people who were participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on Sunday morning. The unidentified woman also threw a green "superfood" drink that hit a man in his 60s. A 13-year-old girl was struck by the frozen chicken breast and left with a welt. When police went to the woman's apartment, she said she'd "worked a long shift and was angry that the runners had woken her from her slumber." She was arrested.
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