May 28, 2015
12:11 am
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Stupid News for 6/13/14

    An Arizona man was arrested after he told police he was "trying to shoot the moon" with his handgun. Cameron Read's girlfriend called police after he allegedly fired several shots and "spoke of seeing Halley's Comet."  When police arrived, the 39-year-old resisted arrest, caused damage and was taken into custody forcefully. A polic rep said, "Read admitted to firing the weapon multiple times and trying to shoot the moon." Read said that he had smoked marijuana prior to the incident and that he did not intend to hurt anyone. He was booked on suspicion of felony counts of unlawful discharge of a firearm, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and endangerment in addition to a count of misdemeanor criminal damage.

     A Wyoming chihuahua allegedly scared a Harley-Davidson rider on Monday morning and caused a crash. The man was riding his bike when the chihuahua began chasing after the Harley and trying to bite the front tire. After the rider slammed on his brakes, the bike flipped over and the dog ran away. The 45-year-old Harley owner called police and reported that his bike sustained about $600 in damage. The owner was located and cited for having a dog at large after he admitted the pint-sized pooch had escaped. According to a witness, the Harley-Davidson rider may have been speeding.

     A California mayor was caught on camera tossing a bag of dog poop onto the walkway of a man who opposes the mayor's stance on a nearby dog park. San Marino Mayor Dennis Kneier can be seen tossing a sealed bag of dog poop onto the private walkway of his neighbor, Philip Lao, in surveillance footage. In the video, Kneier's wife points at the walkway and then he tosses the bag. The Kneiers do not own a dog. Kneier later said, "I made a mistake of putting it in his walkway. Rather than leaving it, I should have walked on by or disposed of it properly." He has also formally apologized to Lao with a letter

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