May 23, 2015
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Stupid News for 6/18/14

      A Popeyes restaurant in Ohio was struck by an unlicensed teenager, causing the fast-food joint to close. The 17-year-old was receiving a driving lesson from her mother when she crashed into the restaurant's drive-thru. A 911 caller said, "It looks like the whole right front tire is in my building. It's totally through the wall, that's for sure." The driver was unhurt, but the car was totaled in the wreck. A police rep said, "The car busted up a section of brick, which they had to have ... boarded up. We were able to move the car, so there is damage to the building but not extensive." The driver was cited for failure to control and operating a vehicle without a license, and her mother received a citation for permitting an unlicensed driver to operate a vehicle.

      Residents may want to think twice about drinking the water after a Pennsylvania water plant employee was charged with urinating into a filtering unit while he was at work back in April. Paul Herb allegedly peed into a filter while he was working for the County Municipal Authority, which treats drinking water for people living in the area around Pottsville. According to an incident report, the chief water operator was at the plant helping Herb fix valves when he observed the 52-year-old urinate into the water supply. Herb was charged with tampering with a public water system, institutional vandalism and criminal mischief.

      Police have charged a Washington man with residential burglary after he allegedly left his "Salesperson of the Month" award at a crime scene. Alfred Shropshire's South Tacoma Mazda Salesperson of the Month plaque was found in the yard off a home that was burglarized last week. The victim reported that the perpetrator, a man, woke her up by tapping her on the shoulder. She got up and discovered that her purse and a box of coins had been taken. The Mazda dealership told police that Shropshire quit in January. The 49-year-old was under Department of Corrections monitoring at the time of the alleged burglary. When Shropshire was questioned, he confessed.
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