May 23, 2015
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Stupid News for 6/20/14

        A Virginia man and other members of his family missed his great-grandmother's burial after he was pulled over for running a red light while driving in Alexandria during her funeral procession. R.G. Spinner was on his way to the burial when an officer pulled him over. His sister-in-law, who was in the car in front of him, saw the whole thing. She said, "We missed the burial. I mean my husband and brother-in-law were pallbearers ... By the time we got to the cemetery, it had already happened. So there's nothing we can do to get that back at this point."  Spinner's husband and brother-in-law grabbed their yellow funeral procession tags and began waving them at Alexandria police Sgt. Seth Weinstein when he initiated the stop. Apparently that didn't sit right with Weinstein and he issued a summons to Spinner's brother-in-law.  The family has filed a formal complaint with the Alexandria Police Department and APD supervisors will be reviewing footage shot from the red light camera at the intersection.

     An Illinois mother has filed a lawsuit in order to prevent a school from expelling her 15-year-old son for trading his attention deficit disorder medication to another student in exchange for bags of Cheez-Its and cash. The suit contends that the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy illegally expelled the boy because the conduct he displayed during the transaction was "likely a manifestation of his disability." The school nurse was well aware of the boy's condition because that individual was responsible for dispensing the boy's medication. Although the boy "admitted that he received several bags of chips/Cheez-its and/or $3.00 payments" for the ADD medication, he said the reason he made the sale was to "to help his fellow student do better in school." The lawsuit is seeking a restraining order and injunction preventing the school from expelling the boy due to his disability.

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