May 25, 2015
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Stupid News for 6/23/14

     An Italian thief has been placed under house arrest for stealing brassieres and underwear from washing lines in town. The alleged thief was busted after bagging bras and pinching panties that had been left out to dry on lines and balconies in the northern Italian town. The 28-year-old conducted his undergarment-snatching operation overnight. When police searched the suspect's home, he allegedly had "a house full" of women's underwear.  Renzo Cavalieri's arrest came only months after he was released from a year-long sentence that he had received for stealing underwear. "I have no idea why I keep stealing bras," he reportedly told police.

      A costumed Spider-Man who usually entertains tourists is on trial for allegedly hitting a woman who didn't tip him and then threw snow at him in February 2013. During the alleged incident, Victoria Goreaciuc's children posed for a photo with Philip Williams while he was dressed up as New York City's favorite webslinger. When she didn't tip him, Williams allegedly called Goreaciuc "crap." She stewed about the remark for a while and then eventually found Williams and hit him with some snow and ice. He then allegedly hit her in the face and knocked her to the ground. A Spider-Man suit is being used as a piece of evidence during the trial and a Batman impersonator was also allegedly on the scene during the altercation. Williams is charged with attempted assault and harassment and could be sentenced to up to 90 days in jail if he is convicted during the non-jury trial.

      A Minnesota man ended up in jail instead of the 19th hole after leading police on a wild chase across a golf course in Moorhead. Kendall Feist took off after officers tried to serve him with outstanding felony drug warrants and led police on a chase that went through a Golf Course and ended at a nearby shopping center. A pro shop employee who saw it all said, "I looked out the window and saw a pickup truck coming straight down the driving range. He swerved out of the way and cut across the fairway... people running to get out of his way." The 33-year-old was booked for his outstanding drug warrants and he now also faces felony charges for fleeing police and criminal damage to property.

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