May 24, 2015
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Stupid News for 6/24/14

    A 12-year-old French boy determined not go to the dentist decided the best way to get out of it was to fake his own kidnapping. The police found the boy hiding on May 21 and questioned him about what he was doing. He told police a man who was "european looking, aged in his thirties, of muscular build with a height of around 5'6'' and a vertical scar on his right cheek" abducted him from a neighboring town. The boy also described the car and the clothing his captor was wearing. He said he escaped the car before police found him. The boy only admitted his falsehood after police scoured through city secruity images for the "kidnapper" and started to get suspicious.

       A Florida man torched his former boss's truck and house after he was let go for always showing up to work "high." Damion Haywood has been charged with first and second-degree arson for allegedly starting fires at the home of 79-year-old Willie Irven after he was given his pink slip. Around noon that day, a witness saw Haywood hitting Irven's truck with a metal gas can and pouring gasoline into the truck. After Haywood lit the truck on fire, the witness asked Haywood why he did it. He said,  "Because I can. And I will light your house on fire too."  The suspect is also accused of lighting Irven's house on fire, an attempt that proved unsuccessful because the home has asbestos siding. Haywood has been arrested 23 times since 1998. According to police, he confessed to setting both the truck and house on fire.

            A teenager who was appearing in a California court to face charges of graffiti vandalism is accused of tagging up the inside of the San Diego Superior Courthouse during his appearance. Francisco Canseco was arrested on five new felony counts of vandalism after a deputy was able to use a graffiti tracking system to match the 18-year-old to the graffiti in the courthouse. Officials with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department Court Services Bureau Investigations Unit searched Canseco's home and found evidence that tied him to the to the courthouse graffiti. The San Diego Police Department had previously arrested Canseco in connection with more than 60 cases of graffiti involving the same moniker that was used in the courthouse. Canseco's previous vandalism charges were all misdemeanors.
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