May 24, 2015
4:14 pm
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Entertainment News For Thursday!

    Paul McCartney has reached out to fans to let them know how he's feeling after a vicious viral illness forced him to postpone several concerts in June. McCartney, who appears to be in high spirits, says in the video, "Hey, how you doing everybody? Everyone's been asking me how I feel. I feel great. Thank you very much for asking. Hey listen, this is just also a note to say that the dates that was postponed ... have been rescheduled for September and October. So come and see us then, and we'll come and see you." Paul then solo'ed with an air guitar saying, "Feeling great, rockin' and rollin'... yeah!"

      The father of Michael Jackson says that his son visits him in his dreams. Joe Jackson spoke out on the fifth anniversary of his son's death, revealing that Michael is present in the same room as him while he's sleeping. He says, "Time and again in my sleep, my son visits me. When I was laying in bed sleeping, I dreamt he was in the same room with me, standing there and smiling. He started singing, his voice was echoing in my dreams and woke me up. I realized I was awake in a dream. He continued singing and his voice echoed out the door. In my dream, I woke up and walked to the door following the voice as it faded away. I woke up and realized I had been dreaming."

      Justin Bieber was involved in a minor car crash in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Monday. He was a passenger in an Escalade that collided with a BMW. According to TMZ, the BMW was reversing when the Escalade hit it. The Escalade driver was trying to lose a paparazzo when the incident occurred. Bieber was unharmed. While his driver exchanged insurance details, Justin left the scene by jumping into another vehicle. He recently moved back to California after spending a few months in Georgia, and has been making headlines for the past week for his rekindled relationship with Selena Gomez.
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