May 22, 2015
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Stupid News for 6/27/14

     A Florida deputy is trying to get his job back after he was fired for taking his drunken friends on a joyride in his patrol car and letting them heckle Fort Lauderdale residents with the vehicle's public address system. Rodrigo Mello went for a cruise while one of his friends said inappropriate things over the car's loudspeaker to pedestrians and the other friend was passed out in the backseat. Mello's friend said, among other things, "Girls, put your va-jay-jays back in your pants." The heckler was so vulgar that some people called 911. When Fort Lauderdale police pulled Mello over, his vehicle was confiscated and he was sent home. Although his friends were drunk, Mello was not intoxicated.

      An unidentified Tennessee woman has been banned from the Memphis Zoo for hopping a barrier and entering the enclosure that holds the lions to feed them cookies. Other zoo patrons called the zoo's hotline number after seeing the woman jump the barrier and hearing her singing to the lions. When the woman was over the barrier, the only thing separating her from the lions was some wire. This was the woman's second incident in recent weeks. A zoo rep said, "Last week she was noticed by our security staff throwing objects into the lion exhibit; at that time she was asked to leave the zoo. She was asked to leave the zoo permanently. She will not be granted access to the zoo anymore."  Her photo has been issued to zoo employees in case she attempts to come back.

     Minnesota police arrested a burglary suspect who apparently forgot to log out of Facebook after checking his profile during a break-in at a St. Paul home. The homeowner came back to his house and found that credit cards, cash and a watch were missing. The thief had also left behind a pair of Nike tennis shoes, jeans and a belt that he apparently discarded because it had been raining outside. He also left behind his information on James Wood's computer. Wood began posting on Nicholas Wig's profile and the 26-year-old eventually texted him. After they made a plan to meet up later to exchange items, Wood went for a walk. He then spotted Wig on the street and called police. When Wig was arrested, he was wearing Wood's watch.

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