May 25, 2015
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Stupid News for 7/1/14

    A Vermont man will be arraigned on an attempted murder charge after he allegedly got his girlfriend to jump off of a cliff during a camping trip because of a "bear attack." According to investigators, there was no bear, but both campers were allegedly high on molly and hallucinating. Lucas Gingras is accused of putting the drug in the drink of his girlfriend, Ladonna Merriman, without her knowledge. Merriman was skeptical about the bear, but when Gingras told her to jump off a nearby cliff to escape the bear, she did, and fell about 60 feet. The suspect did go to get help for Merriman, but she sustained a broken back and ribs as well as a punctured lung. Gingras will be charged with domestic assault and reckless endangerment.

      A Michigan man is facing a multitude of charges after allegedly leading police on a low-speed chase while he was drunkenly driving his tractor. Cheboygan Police responded to a report of an intoxicated, shirtless man driving a tractor around town and found Joshua Viau. They attempted to pull him over, but Viau didn't stop and then allegedly tried to hit the patrol car with his tractor. Viau then sped away, pulled a number of U-turns and attempted to hit the patrol car again. The suspect eventually hit the police car in its right front fender before flipping his tractor and tipping over in the street. The 35-year-old then attempted to flee from officers before fighting with police and being tasered.

      A Florida father was arrested while visiting his wife at the hospital after he allegedly stole $7,000 worth of property from his neighbor's apartment. Daniel Suba is accused of breaking a window to gain access to his neighbor's home and taking two TVs, a laptop computer, a camera, several bags of jewelry and 17 pairs of jeans. He also allegedly snatched a Captain America mask and a Monsters Inc. lunch box. He told police that he was drinking and taking Xanax on the night of the burglary. According to Suba, he woke up and found all of the items from his neighbor's home in his house. Suba's wife told police that he does bring home "stuff" from time to time even though he is unemployed.  Police arrested Suba on felony charges of grand theft and burglary.
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