August 23, 2014
3:32 am
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July 2014 Answers

July 30 - One out of every three guys admit they've never done this... What is it?     Clean a toilet

July 29 - Doing this before going to sleep is said to improve your quality of sleep... What is it?     Turning off your phone

July 28 - The average adult only does this about a dozen times a year... What is it?     Swim

July 25 - The average teenage girl does this about 150 times a year... What is it?     Slams a door

July 23 - A new study says people who do this, tend to live longer... What is it?     Volunteer

July 22 - You can burn up to 200 calories doing this... What is it?     Watching a horror movie

July 21 - This is the 5th most popular food item to put on a barbecue... What is it?     Ribs

July 18 - It's believed, the happiest couples do this at least 3 times a month... What is it?     Argue

July 16 - Nearly 30% of women say they will never do this in front of a guy... What is it?     Exercise

July 15 - If red is your favorite color, it's been said that this word best describes your personality... What is it?     Passionate

July 14 - Generally speaking, the younger you are, the more you do this... What is it?     "Check" your phone

July 11 - A study claimed more attractive people, get more of this... What is it?     Sleep

July 9 - 80 cents of every dollar is spent by women, here... Where is it?     The drug store

July 8 - On average, it takes 3 minutes to do this simple task... What is it?     Get ready for bed

July 7 - These cost 8 times as much as they did in the 80's... What are they?     College text books

July 2 - People are almost 15% more likely to do this in their car, than they were 5 years ago... What is it?     Honk their horn

July 1 - The average household loses 3 of these a year... What are they?     Forks
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