July 5, 2015
3:08 am
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Stupid News for 7/7/14

     What's wrong with a grown man liking stuffed animals? Maybe nothing -- provided they are his. Washington police officers found a man crammed into a giant box of stuffed animals when they responded to a burglary alarm at a thrift store. Officers responded to the St. Vincent De Paul thrift store and found Michael Howell hiding inside a box of stuffed animals in the yard outside the store. He reportedly told officers that he had smoked meth and then jumped in the box after he got spooked by the burglar alarm, adding, "I came here for clothes and food, bro."  Howell was charged with burglary and unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

      A Florida man was arrested after allegedly attacking his girlfriend's pet rabbit following an argument about women's rights. James Wertz became enraged when his girlfriend told him that she wanted to end their relationship after he refused to stop arguing and screaming. Heallegedly began "punching and squeezing" the woman's pet rabbit. The woman intervened and Wertz apologized, but when she tried to call 911, Wertz physically pushed the woman across the room. The rabbit was beaten so hard that it bled from its face, but it is expected to recover. The woman's arm was a little marked up but she was otherwise uninjured. Wertz was charged with animal cruelty and domestic battery.

      A herd of about 14 sheep camped out in the middle of a road in Topsfield, Massachusettes in a likely attempt to escape from a coyote. The herd was discovered blocking the road after their owner said they got scared and escaped overnight. He said, "The reality is, the coyotes come out after storms, and they run at the sheep and bunch them up in the corner. They were safe there. They were content. There were houses there. Sheep are not stupid. They got there and sat down. They were running around all night." McKay said none of his sheep were killed, though one did have markings on its body indicative of a coyote attack.
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