July 8, 2015
1:21 am
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Stupid News for 7/11/14

     A Florida man who attempted to wrestle an alligator that he claimed ate his dog found out how bad an idea that was. Matthew Pope tried to take revenge on the gator, but he quickly found out he had bitten off a bit more than he could chew. Luckily for him, teenagers Daniel Butler and Ryan Stromsnes were nearby. Butler said, "He tried to grab the gator by its snout and that's when the gator got upset and broke free from his grip and proceeded to bite the man in the right arm," Butler said. "The gator dragged him under and he was gone for a few seconds. He came up screaming. I went to grab it by the belly and when I touched it underneath, the gator freaked out let go and look off." They helped Butler out of the water and used his belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding from his arm. The boys called 911 and wildlife officials came and put down the gator.

       A 70-year-old Oklahoma City convenience store clerk was able to stop an attempted robbery by a gun-toting suspect even though she was only armed with a case of beer. Lein Nguyen was behind the counter at the Best Stop Food Mart when a woman entered the store with a gun and threatened the elderly cashier. After Nguyen turned her down, the woman struck her with the gun. Ngyen told police,  "I told her, 'Honey, I don't have any money. If you kill me, you don't have money either.'" The gun attack backfired on the suspect. "I got mad and I grabbed an eight-pack of beer and throw it at her," Nguyen said. The armed assailant fled from the store without getting any money and she is still on the loose. Ngyuen said, "I throw at her and I think that's why she run...I think I get lucky." She was left with a bruise but she is otherwise alright.

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