July 4, 2015
6:37 am
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Stupid News for 7/15/14

    A Tennessee woman opened her closet to discover a drunken teenager she didn't know. Apparently 18-year-old Andrew Davison drank a fifth of vodka and somehow managed to find his way into Tonya Palmer's closet. Palmer was picking up clothes near her closet  when she noticed something peculiar. She says,  "I went to pick up some of the clothes and they were warm, so that kind of startled me and I bent over and I could hear breathing."  She woke up her husband and they discovered Davison passed out drunk. While Palmer's husband held the sleeping suspect at gunpoint, she called 911. Deputies arrived and found Davison extremely intoxicated and unaware of his location."

      Two young men in Florida allegedly got high on marijuana and decided to break into a school. Logan Brown and Christopher Ramos had a good reason for allegedly breaking in: They had the munchies. A police rep said, "Once inside the school, Brown and Ramos wandered the halls, looked into classrooms, and went on their 'adventure. Finally, they stole Froot Loops cereal from a room that was open inside the school." Investigators were able to identify the suspects by posting images from the school's surveillance video on the sheriff's office Facebook page. Brown and Ramos were arrested and charged with burglary of an unoccupied structure.

     A New Hampshire man dressed in a cowboy hat and a dress led police on a bizarre high-speed chase that ended in a Kansas soybean field.  A deputy allegedly saw Aaron Jansenspeeding, so he started to give chase. Jansen drove his car, which was tagged up with "derogatory statements about law enforcement," into the field in Salina and began driving in circles. While officers set up a perimeter, Jansen began tossing CDs and blankets out of the car while quoting Bible verses and flashing peace signs. Jansen even slowed the car down and "surfed" on the roof. The soybean field chase went on for about 40 minutes and Jansen was pepper-sprayed several times, after which he surrendered.

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