June 30, 2015
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Stupid News for 7/18/14

     Police arrested a man who told them his name was "Pterodactyl" after an alleged incident at Legoland Florida. Sheriff's deputies were called to the the Legoland Florida water park after Richard Campagna allegedly refused to leave the attraction and "appeared drunk." Campagna was asked to leave the park, but instead ran into the park's lazy river while it was "occupied by a large number of children." Deputies attempted to use a Taser on Campagna, but it was unsuccessful. It ultimately took multiple Legoland employees and deputies to get the 36-year-old under control. Daily operations at Legoland Florida were undisturbed by the incident according to a spokeswoman.

       A Washington man torched his own house while he was trying to kill a spider that was running around in the laundry room of his Seattle home. Firefighters arrived on the scene after the man started the destructive inferno with a lighter and a can of spray paint. The man initially attempted to battle the blaze himself, but fled from the home after the flames got out of control. Emergency crews initially had to fight the fire from a distance because there was live ammunition in the home. The fire was finally extinguished, but not before causing about $60,000 in damage. The Red Cross is finding temporary housing for the residents of the house. It's unclear if the man will face charges.

       A New Zealand man won't face charges after he floated a coffin down the Hutt River to help drum up publicity for his website. When the coffin was pulled from the river, it contained a mannequin dressed up like a housewife holding a sign reading, ''If only I'd advertised for an electrician ... I wouldn't have tried to fix it myself.'' The publicity stunt wasted the time of police, so there was a chance that the man behind the morbid marketing ploy, Dan Herbison, would be charged. Police said that they didn't "find the stunt funny or smart," but Herbison got off with a warning. Herbison admitted the stunt may have been in poor taste, saying, ''I have taken it too far. I'm in a bit of trouble here.''

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